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Are We Done Yet? II

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This Is A Man’ s World...

At least that’ s what Ethan Aldridge believed. In his world men ruled and he was the king of all men. Handsome, strong, and wealthy the billionaire playboy lived life by his rules, so when asked to change that life for a woman who cost him more than he ever thought a woman worth, it will take some convincing. Ethan must find that place where he locked his heart and set it free if he is to save Olivia. A man who doesn’ t believe in second chances must come to understand that love has no limits.

Olivia Webb’ s world is one where tragedy has become the one thing she can depend on. It has been years since she last saw the love of her life Ethan Aldridge. Through a regiment of intense recovery from a deadly accident, she has lost not only Ethan but hope. will never again be the woman she wanted to be. As she hides from the reality of her physical and emotional scars Ethan is determined to prove that he is sincere. Is it too late? Can Olivia ever trust that Ethan can see who she really is and still lover her? Only time and love will tell.

Enjoy the continuation of Ethan and Olivia’ s story from It’ s A Man’ s World part I and find yourself between loving and hating these to characters that can’ t live together and refuse to live apart.

Free Girl is a writer who believes that a romance written for women should be just that a fantasy where, laughing, crying, screaming, and loving are all found in every story.

Writing by the motto: “The only princess you’ ll find is the one reading the book”. Free Girl is a writer for todays woman.
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